Wednesday, November 11, 2009

all that glitters

i used to be a strictly silver gal, but in recent years, i've expanded my precious-metal horizons. and lately, methinks melivingroom needs the midas touch. in coffee table, occasional table and/or lamp form, like so:

worlds away

the city sage

worlds away


that second-to-last lamp is my faaaaave. but it's quite petite. and i have no use for such a wee lamp at present. i am thisclose to getting a pair of that last lamp to flank my couch on the as-yet-unpainted end tables before macy's 20% off registry sale ends today...what say you?


Miss Mustard Seed said...

Oh, I love the urn shaped lamp. That is cool. I'm very anti-brass in general, but it can be done well (like in these pictures.)

mrs. jones said...

go get them! (if it's not too late!) i love that warm mellow finish, plus they are such a newlywed/"with this ring", etc. shape. your eye, as usual, is unerring.

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