Tuesday, September 29, 2009

high as a kite

y'all. seriously. i took excedrin migraine for this first time this afternoon, and let me tell you what 130 grams of caffeine does to a gal who has consumed approximately four coca-colas and zero cups of coffee in the past 365 days. yikes. this evening's sleep forecast is not looking good.

but that's not all that's got me bouncing off the walls this evening. behold:

a) my mirror arrived yesterday, and it is exponentially more awesome than anticipated. bigger too. but that's probably because i have no concept of distance or spatial relation. 33 inches? that's probably about the length of my arm, right? no? whatev.

here she is in all her glory above our work-in-progress bed in our work-in-progress bedroom:

captain fantastic's all "but i look funny in it because it's convex" and i'm all "why are you looking at yourself in a 12 inch circular convex mirror that's hanging above the headboard when there is a four foot* rectangular mirror on the adjacent wall?" (*estimate is likely highly inaccurate. see above reference to spatial relation deficit disorder)

b) i fell instantly in love with the lamp lauren of pure style home has on the side table in her living room:

notice that it resembles a topiary frame. if you were around in my wedding blogging days, you know that topiaries are my jam. in her post, lauren said the lamp came from pottery barn a while back. boo, i initially thought. but you know what? there's no such thing as boo in the interwebs, because there is such a thing as ebay. i found one singular identical lamp on ebay...and immediately bought it...and it arrived today. and it's a good thing i have such a loving, trusting husband who knows that i am actually fiscally responsible, elsewise i probably wouldn't have a credit card right now. excellent. because now i need to go buy a lamp shade.

c) i was lucky enough this evening to get to meet with the most talented, amazing, generous, adorable woman: stephanie jones of me & mrs. jones painted finishes.

i came across her website yesterday, fell head over heels for her insane talent, spent a good deal of time coveting her life, realized that her daughter attends the school that i attended for 15 years, emailed her for advice, and crossed my fingers that she wouldn't think i was a total lunatic. all that finger-crossing was well worth it, as she proceeded to invite me to the arts & antiques show she participated in this evening and then lavish me with advice and praise and books to borrow. her encouragement and enthusiasm really inspired me, and now i'm all amped up to get the ball rolling on my own creative endeavor. step one = distill the thousands of ideas and inspirations in my head into a single, manageable business plan. hmmm....

thanks so much, stephanie!

aaaaaaaaand i'm off to stare at the ceiling and wait for my caffeine buzz to wear off so i can go to sleep. bon soir, party people.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I'm SO READY for you to take over the world with your beautiful craftiness and knack for making things gorgeous and making it all look easy.

seriously, yay!

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