Monday, October 11, 2010

day 1: favorite song

starting off with a doozie. also starting off by breaking the rules. can't pick just one! there are so many songs that move me in different ways. so imma list a few favorites in a few categories.

current workout faves:

* lady gaga - just dance
* la roux - bulletproof (i sometimes do my whole run listening only to this song on repeat...)
* jay sean - down
* miley cyrus - see you again

workout gear + business face, chug-n-run 2007

current general listening faves:

* marshall tucker band - fire on the mountain
* old crow medicine show - wagon wheel
* the hollies - long cool woman
* stevie wonder - signed, sealed, delivered (makes me think of our wedding!)
* turtles - happy together
* the xm radio 60s/70s classic rock station
* bonnie prince billy (when i'm feeling particularly mellow)

team stone approved tunes

then there is the whole genre i call "family car songs." my parents had a large collection of mixed tapes that we would bust out on road trips. there are songs that make me think of going to the beach, songs that remind me of driving to grandma & grandpa's place on the little red river in heber springs, songs that conjure memories of thanksgivings in the smoky mountains - all wonderful childhood times of rainbows and unicorns and joy. the songs range from alabama's greatest hits (mountain music & tennessee river being my faves) to the gogos (head over heels) to toni basil (hey mickey) to billy joel, john lennon and a veritable smorgasboard of good times. the unifying theme to all family car songs, of course, being my dad's ability to perform show-stopping air-keyboard solos on the dash.

not an air-keyboard solo, but a pretty sweet move busted by pop anderson

least favorite song of all time:

tiffany - i think we're alone now

because it played at the 1986 st. mary's halloween bazaar, during which i was traumatized in the haunted house put on by the seniors (my mom had to stay outside with my baby brother, so i had to go with a friend and her mom. MISTAKE) and after which i vomited for like 2 days because, turns out, i was running a fever. every time i hear tiffany, i think about not being able to go to the bathroom alone at night for like 5 years because i was afraid that zombie senior would be lying on a bench in there. true story.

something kinda like this, via here

and that about sums it up for today.


Hilary Dow-Ward said...

So I'm a dorkus and I had to pull up itunes to hear what some of these were. Imagine that...I studied music and I don't know songs by titles/composers. WHOOPS.

lexie johnston said...

that halloween bazaar was TRAUMATIC. there def should have been a sign warning parents not to let small,bright-eyed, easily frightened moss hall'ers in there! funny story- ya know the steps going down into the locker room? well after yrs of being traumatized by the H.B haunted house, i, as a sr in high school, refused to go all the way down there to change for p.e. i only went down that first little flight to the landing and changed there. three other people that i can specifically think of did the same thing. scarred for life. i think i will stick to the cake walk, please.

tricia said...

OMG, where to start. First of all, I'm excited to read your posts b/c 1) The other day when I was proofing class notes I really missed you & 2) I finally have time to read your blog again.

So you know music is one of my favorite things EVER. Comments:

*Love, love, LOVE Just Dance. Such a great song. Love the beat. Could listen over & over.
*I'll have to check out this La Roux song. Don't know it.
*Do you know Miley Cyrus' "The Climb?" SO good. Check it out.
*Love Marshall Tucker's "Heard It in a Love Song." All MTB reminds me of college.
*LOVE OCMS' "Wagon Wheel!" Heard them when they opened for DMB in 2008.
*Love your "family car songs" category. :)

tricia said...

Forgot to say that I still remember your traumatic haunted house story & heard that song on the radio recently & it just made me laugh. I have my own HB HH story - in 1982. Went with a friend & was bawling so had one of the seniors escort us out. :-D

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