Wednesday, October 27, 2010

day 12: something you are ocd about

haaaaahahahahaha hooooooboy. that's hilarious. i am supposed to pick ONE thing that i am ocd about? it'd be easier to pick one thing i'm NOT ocd about. which would be this: nothing.

but i prefer to say "perfectionist" or "particular." even "extremely refined in taste and preference."

probably the things i am most overtly ocd about are:

1) cleanliness. not like from germs - i'm not cloroxing every surface - i just like things to feel and appear clean. i like my bed made. i like dirty clothes in the hamper. i like dog hair vacuumed (ok, dog hair is an ocd chapter unto itself...). i like kitchen counters wiped. i like myself and my husband showered before getting in the bed (much to captain fantastic's unending chagrin).

this is what i think of when sterling shakes and the hair flies...sigh

2) food. i've been a vegetarian for 16 years, mainly because i can't stand gristle and tendons and nasty stuff like that. i also will not eat pudding or yogurt, because gross. my doctor once told me that i have somewhat of an allergy to corn, and that could be to blame for my irritable bowels. and for like 2 years i was a label-reading machine. have you ever tried to cut corn from your diet? nigh impossible. at any rate, thank goodness for cheese sandwiches and luna bars. and don't worry; the foods i am not eating out of pickiness are more than compensated for in chocolate. and carbs.

i feel you, buddy

i'll stop there, but you can expand this list by imagining anything it is possible to be ocd about. and knowing that i am.


lexie johnston said...

yikes. dont come to my house. im sooo messy and ocd about nothing. not dirty, just messy. to an extreme. and i married someone just like me. and now we have consolidated our things in a lovely, messy way. future dinner dates to be at your house, never mine!
well, i would clean/ hide the mess for you the first time. then after that, nope. sorry bout it.

Virginia said...

I didn't realize we were the same person, I can't STAND going to bed dirty. Noooo way. Michael thinks its insane that I insist on sweeping everyday. Don't like dust underfoot! It's not ocd, it's high standards :-)

tricia said...

Isn't everyone OCD about something(s)??? I'm OCD about the things you mentioned, in addition to others. Hopefully these idiosyncrasies will not make us crazy old ladies later in life.

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