Thursday, October 14, 2010

day 4: favorite book

classics i enjoyed in school:

childhood faves:

"quiet!" said her father. "hush!" said her mum. "nora," said her sister, "why are you so dumb?"

all-time fave, read it many times

listened to the fabulous book on tape as a bedtime story over and over

ok, young adulthood fave...

currently enjoying:

i'm sure there are many more, this is just what came to me today

1 comment:

BamaT1212 said...

*Confession #1: I have never read P&P. I've started it but never finished. On my bucket list.
*What SMS girl didn't love Jane Eyre? Might need to revisit that one. ;-)
*Confession #2: The only novel I ever finished at SMS was Brothers. So proud of myself.
*Love that HP is your "young adulthood fave." I was probably 30 when I read it.
*The Help is excellent. I rarely cry when reading books but totally started bawling in the middle of that one.

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