Monday, October 18, 2010

day 6: 20 of my favorite things

(i failed to mention that the 30 days of blogging will probably not be 30 consecutive days of blogging. i don't generally bust out the computer on the weekends.)

so. 20 of my favorite things, in no particular order:

1) captain fantastic - obviously.

hiking and camping in north carolina last weekend. thankfully, not blown off this cliff.

our first anniversary trip to the alluvian, which was faaaabulous

2) my family - best parents a gal could ever want, plus a super awesome baby bro (4 years younger), wonderful grandparents, fun aunts & uncle & cousins and an excellent sampling of in-laws - love spending time with all of them.

the andersons circa 2007

my cute 91-yr-old grama dancing at our wedding with my parents & cousin/moh

paul's graduation from hendrix in 2009

with my mom's family at the beach

with dad's mom and sisters

c-fan with his parents and sister

3) the big dogs - cstone found marley under the stairs at church when he was a teenager. m-dawg had two leather collars grown into his neck that had to be surgically removed. he is now roughly 12ish and, despite a quasimodo-esque fatty tumor (that the vet recommends we not remove) and a few creaks, is still enthusiastic about life. slash food. mainly food. i found sterling in oxford, mississippi, via in 2007. a woman found her by the side of the road in a taped-up box that said "puppy inside." she is the cutest, sweetest, smartest crazy nut ever. we are obsessed with our dogs. you already knew that.

playing at the lake with hannah

they love each other! snuggled up on the way home from the lake in cstone's old subaru.

cutest. puppy. ever. baby sterling

4) friends - some of my best friends are still the girls i went to high school with (some even date back to kindergarten). they, and the others i've picked up along the way, make for good times. ridiculosity oft ensues.

the crew known as the ec4eva (...and clifton)

see, ridiculous

5) chocolate

6) cheese

7) painting/drawing

paintings from college

8) being creative in general

cover of my art education final project from college

9) tiiiiiny baaaaabiiiiieees - i mean, seriously.

tick tock. tick tock...

10) anything tiny, really

11) the beach (in summer)
even on crutches. which don't work well on sand. fyi.

12) the mountains (in the fall)

hiking the sewanee perimeter trail with sterly girly

13) fall in general (if it would ever freaking get here and stay...)

more sewanee hiking - most beautiful fall in the world

14) thanksgiving & christmas holidayfuntimes

15) entertaining - cstone would have friends over every day of the week if i'd let him.

new year's eve 2010

16) lip balm - i mean who doesn't love it. am i right?

17) wearing blue jeans - this stems from 15 years at an all-girls prep school with a dress code. blue jeans were only for special days and weekends, and i still get really excited to wear them.

citizens are my fave
18) accessories
i'm having a bracelet moment

19) running - ok, not really. it's not that i super love running...more that i super love having run. makes me feel healthy and helps shed stress. sterling & i ran a people + dogs 5k this past saturday, and i haven't been so proud of myself in a long time (we usually just do about 2.5 miles around the neighborhood for exercise)

20) you. you are definitely one of my faves. 100%


Liz said...

Totally OT, but I want your outfit from your bro's graduation. LOVE.

Also, am really glad to be back on teh internets and finding several loooooong posts from you (pictures count!).

lexie johnston said...

i love the pix of friends and that you are so close with sms friends still cuz i am too!
also in #13, ive always been jealous ofpeople whose hair looks so cute and wavy hanging out of hats like that. mine looks straight and stringy, but not even the good kind of straight. sterling puppy is so cute. and those ugly christmas sweaters are especially UGLY. nice.

Nishta said...

blue jeans still excite me as well!!! I guess the fact that I now I work at a school and can only wear them on Fridays just adds to the allure.

okay, you are the second blogger I respect to mention Smith's minted rose lip balm. do I need to get me some? order online or can I find some in a store near me?

tricia said...

Random thoughts:
*I seriously love your family too, just from all of your stories. They're also so cute.
*Your brother looks like the ultimate liberal arts/outdoorsy-type.
*Love that pic of baby Sterling. <3
*I was just complaining to BT about our lack of fall. We seriously got about one week of nice fall temps, beautiful fall leaves & POOF it's now cold. Boo.
*I need some new jeans. Are those expensive? Hate clothes shopping.
*I wish I were a runner, but I'm just not. Need to focus on doing some power walking.
*Love #20. :)

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