Tuesday, October 26, 2010

day 11: a photo of you recently (and a sneak peek)

i don't know about y'all, but i'm getting mighty tired of pictures of me. alas, another one. this is me with captain fantastic and my mama a few weeks ago when we had my parents over for mom's birthday dinner (hence the apron). then last week, i took her on a date to see wicked at the orpheum. it was faaaaabulous.

since y'all are so nicely putting up with this 30 days of blogging bidness, i'll share with you a sneak peek of my slowly-evolving dining room. here it was in days of yore, before we tore out the carpet and redid the hardwoods last november:

blogland loves c-fan and the puppies, blogland gets c-fan and the puppies

an awkward, small den with c-fan's futon, heinous aztec-print chairs, and enormous tv. the room has a door to the kitchen on one wall (at c-fan's feet in that picture), a door to the hall on the opposite wall, two windows on the third wall, and a closet smack-dab in the middle of the fourth wall (behind c-fan's head)...so awkward for furniture placement.

the estate sale aztec chairs....and can you believe, i married him still

here is the birthday girl, pretending to be surprised by the birthday cupcakes, in the dining room today:

refinished hardwoods + sisal area rug, fresh paint + drapes i sewed, plate rack + wedding china, table and chairs from in-laws + burlap runner and fall festivus. note plant that will surely succumb to my black thumb any day now. feel sorry for it.

we've currently got a little bar against the wall opposite my mom, which i'd love to replace with a skirted buffet, like this. i have a vision for the painting i will eventually paint to hang above it, flanked by my sconces. work in progress. drastically different from where it was this time last year though, that's for sure!

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Hilary Dow Ward said...

So I keep seeing your parents (at CHC) and I feel like they're somebody that I know but I know they're not people I have ever met. So when I was looking at your post today...I saw this photo of your Mom and finally put it together. I'm going to say hello to them at church on Sunday.

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