Thursday, October 21, 2010

day 9: a photo you took

captain fantastic (bottom left in the red drawers) climbing one of the great jumping cliffs on greer's ferry lake in heber springs, arkansas. the cliff is only like 30 feet, but this makes it look bigger. see what i did there? photography. genius. i like this picture because we have had countless good times at the lake.

i did not take this picture, however, as i am in it. team stone. taking the plunge off of the aforephotographed precipice. shortly before we took the other plunge. (of marriage)

and for funsies?

i took this on our honeymoon in belize. i'd like to go back, please and thank you.


lexie johnston said...

have i told you that my hubs and i saw team johnston all the time? its usually followed by a high five or fist bump. but i love that yall do that too. tell me, why do we not hang out, again?

lexie johnston said...

the word i had to type in for my last comment said "bag hoe" which obvi made me think it said "hoe bag" and i laughed so so hard. just thought you would like to know

tricia said...

Those could both be entered into a photography contest. You should do it. I know the Mid-South Fair has one.

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