Tuesday, October 19, 2010

day 7: a photo that makes you happy

i took this (with my phone) on sunday, and it's had me giggling for days. the most recent photo that's made me happy. for your viewing pleasure.

a boy and his dogs

he was pooped after a long weekend of camping, and the mutthounds were excited to have their daddy back. i love how they are all lying in the same position (albeit cstone is facing the opposite direction). please note that each dog has his/her own comfy dog bed in the room (inches away), yet princess sterling is on the people bed, and bad-a marley is roughin' it on the hardwoods. typical.


Nell said...

Great picture of a great moment. I love your dogs! In the words of my mom, "I don't trust anyone who doesn't own a dog."

Joanie said...

Too cute!

Jessica said...

So cute! That is adorable that they missed him. Thanks for sharing.

lexie johnston said...

a) i love that you and nell are blog friends. are yall real life friends too? if not ill try and make this happen!
b) that photo is awesome- those are some tired dogs!!! and tired c-stone.
awesome pic!

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