Wednesday, October 13, 2010

day 3: favorite tv show

confession: we do not have a dvr. and i don't actually know when shows come on tv. i just flip through the directv menu until i find something i like. if it happens to be one of the shows below, woohoo!

according to my prime time tv preferences, i really like crime and crime investigation and the criminal justice system. the shows are just so FASCINATING.

(only vegas and new york, not a fan of miami)

(love every iteration of this show)

and the all time favorite chez stone:

to counter all that, i also like to do some light-hearted channel surfing:

(can bethenny please have her own show again?)

(captain fantastic says i'll watch any show with a title like "i didn't know i was pregnant and am in jail for dealing drugs and my baby has a bizarre and rare illness and does toddler beauty pageants." he is not wrong.)

and there is always time for learning! my absolute favorite television program, hands down, is a documentary. REAL reality tv. egyptian mummies! ancient romans! mysteries of the deep! exploring the cosmos! yes please.



maribeth said...

my new tlc fav . . . sister wives! fas-cinating! i cannot stop watching. you must oogle with me.

tricia said...

We don't really agree here either, although you & BT are right in line. I'll do the occasional L&O - like them b/c they're never really graphic. Now, on to a shocking revelation: I'm no longer a major Office fan. Sad, I know. I actually have 6 episodes on my DVR at this moment. :( Of course, I didn't really have much time for any shows while student teaching so it's not a major slight to TO. Jim is still a cutie though.

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